Millions of potential customers struggle with consumer credit issues and are searching for a new direction. Positioning yourself as a person who can provide them a map to reach their goals can result in increased profits for you while helping them!

Top Reasons to Refer to IMC USA


From the moment you refer a customer via your online portal, they’ll be connected to you. You’re able to see their progress towards the goal of an improved credit profile. Additionally, when you’re clients log in to their online portal to monitor their progress, they see who referred them to Improve My Credit USA. It is this reason that you will want to make certain to include your picture and company logo when creating your account. Improve My Credit USA will help market you to your clients so they remember who they are working with.

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With your online portal it’s easy to read exactly what has transpired with any client. Want to know when they were first called, if they’ve gotten started, what their progress has been so far? No Problem! Easily reveiw any clients notes and submit your own questions if you’d like.

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Each month, you’re E-Mailed an up to date dashboard report on all of your active clients. It briefly summarizes the high points of your clients current status and the E-Mails are followed up by a personal call from our support staff to make certain you’ve received the report and answer any specific questions you might have.

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